5 Git Tools That Require No Coding 


Git tools are valuable tools for tracking problems and efficiency and contribution to project by team and self. Iterate each change and figure out a breakup and not optimized codes at earliest

Below I will be sharing 5 tools that can be used to manage git.

1. Git kraken - https://www.gitkraken.com/git-client

OS: Windows/Linux/Mac, Tool Type: Paid.

Git Kraken

It’s a paid tool for private repositories. You can manage public repositories with certain limited features.

  • Features:

  1. Single-shot view on the right side with direct access to each branch

  2. Single review for all remotes added and per remote, you can view each branch

  3. It also highlights branch commit that is being synced with the master

  4. Interactive diff tool

  5. Features to pull/push/stash commits

  • Additional Features:

  1. Board: A task board similar to Trello

  2. Timeline: Tool to manage project timelines

2. Git-cola - https://git-cola.github.io/downloads.html

OS: (Available for Linux/Mac and Windows, Tool Type: Free



  1. Supports almost all operation related to pull/push/stash/branch

  2. You can browse the entire branch at once

  3. You can run diff across files, branches, remotes. You can look for comparisons from the local branch to remote branch

Difference: Gitkraken has visually displayed commits. You need to do a little more comparison across commits in different branches and remotes in git-cola.

3. Smart Git - https://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/

OS: Windows/Mac/Linux, Tool Type: Paid for commercial use

Smart Git


  1. This tool scans your entire system and gives directories with possibilities of having git repositories

  2. You can easily diff and see commits from one remote and branch or together

  3. All operations related to git are supported

Difference: Where git-cola is completely free and provides some diff and repository management at ease. Gitkraken has easier UI handling. SmartGit provides scalable git tools to manage your Repositories

4. Giggle- https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Apps/giggle?action=show&redirect=giggle

OS: Linux only, Tool Type: Free



  1. An extremely simple tool to browse changes and commit details

  2. It support commit related operations by default

Difference: In comparison with git-cola it’s a very simple tool

5. Git Ahead - https://www.collab.net/products/giteye

OS: Windows/Linux, Tool Type: Free

Git Ahead


  1. It provides all Git commands

  2. You can compare all changes in commits

  3. You can also browse all changes in each branch or remotes

Difference: In comparison with git-cola UI is better

I hope it will help you out to choose git tool of your choice

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